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Casing And Tubing Coupling

Product:Casing and Tubing Coupling, Casing Coupling, Tubing Coupling Application:Used for connect 2 joints of tubing or casing Size:Tubing Coupling : 1.9'' - 4-1/2'' Casing Couping : 4-1/2'' - 13-3/8'' Pipe Standard: API 5CT and 5B PSL1/PSL2 J55,K55,N80-1,N80-Q,API 5CT and 5B L80-1,C90, C95,T95, P110, Q125 Surface:Whole Phosphating or inside phosphating and outside coating Thread:NUE, EUE, STC, LTC, BTC etc


Oil country tubular goods



About Tubing coupling

Normally tubing coupling OD maximum is 4 1/2”, as the tubing pipe is applied for the drilling activities (Inside the tubing is the sucker rod to drill/pump the oil), couplings type is more various and rigorous than casing, mostly used is thicken type upset coupling (Internal upset and external upset), for short is EUE coupling, it is the most favorable in tubing connections. Tubing with EU end (EUE) coupling connection also called UPTBG. Because of the end of the tubing is thickened (upset), the connecting stress is better than buttress coupling.

Buttress coupling another type used for tubing connections, it has the same thickness of the pipe body, called NU end (NUE)tubing or TBG.


The oil tubing coupling can solve the problem of fatigue fracture in the existing coupling due to stress concentration. Oil tubing end is connected to the inside wall of the coupling in a tapered thread. The coupling body end and oil tubing are connected with same thread pitch flat thread. The coupling is not easy to produce fatigue fracture, and has good connection effect. It can prevent the accident of oil well pipe string break effectively.

About Casing coupling

Casing coupling is for the dimensions more than 4 1/2 inch. Differently than tubing coupling is, casing coupling normally does not need to be thickened (Non-upset), which means no upset casing coupling, so it has following types:

• BTC: Buttress coupling

• LTC: Long buttress coupling

• STC: Short buttress coupling

All three types has same thickness of the casing pipe body, just have different lengths.

The oil casing coupling is a necessary piece used to connect the two casing. The coupling manufacturing method is the same as seamless pipe. The steel pipe ends with internal thread to connect with the upper and lower casing. In order to ensure the joint tightness, the precision of screw thread is strictly required.

Seamless and ERW Casing




K55, N80, L80, C95, P110, Chrome, J55(Modified), J55 (API), PS80

Special Grades

For sour services and for deep well with high collapse properties


OD 4" - 26" WT - 0.2 -0.5"

Length range

1, 2 or 3

Thread connections

API (STC and LTC), BTC, extreme line, etc.

Seamless and ERW Tubing




J55 (API) J55(Modified), N80, L80, L80 13Cr, P110, Q125, H40 (API)

Thread connections

API 5B - Last Edition or Premium, EUE, NUE, special seal, metal-to-metal seal and VAGT


Casing Couplings Short Thread Specifications:

Casing Couplings
Short Thread

Casing Size OD (inches)

Coupling Size OD (inches)

Length (inches)

Weight per Coupling (lbs)

Palletized Carton Quantity







Warehouse Storage

Shandong Juhuo Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterpriseintegrating steel supply and processing. The company has a large inventory ofvarious metal materials such as stainless steel, galvanized, profiles, aluminum.copper, lead, etc, which can meet the needs of customers in different fields.The company has strong strength and has a professional and technical teamwith excellent technology and rich experience.The company has also introduced advanced production equipment andprocessing technology, which can provide customers with steel products ofvarious specifications and processing requirements.



Packing and shipping

Thecompany has also established a complete after-sales service system to providecustomers with first-class services.In the company's business philosophy, customer first, integrity-based, qualityfirst. 



Customer conversation

We provide the products consultation , purchase plan suggestion , logistic service ( including the shipment service , custom works ,etc ).



Application field

Taking technology as the guide, quality as the guarantee, and service asthe purpose, the company actively explores the market, expands the scale ofoperation, and constantly improves enterprise management to ensure productquality and service quality.



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Q:What is your working time?

A:In general, our online service time is Beijing time: 8:00-22:00, after 22:00, we will reply to your inquiry during the next working day.

Q:How to pack the products?

A:The inner layer has a waterproof paper outer layer with iron packaging and is fixed with a fumigation wooden pallet. It can effectively protect products from corrosion during ocean transportation.

Q:Can you send samples?

A:Of course, we can send samples to all parts of the world, our samples are free, but customers need to bear the courier costs.

Q:What product information do I need to provide?

A:You need to provide the grade, width, thickness, coating and the number of tons you need to purchase.

Q:What are the shipping ports?

A:Under normal circumstances, we ship from Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo ports, you can choose other ports according to your needs.

Q:About product prices?

A:Prices vary from period to period due to cyclical changes in the price of raw materials.

Q:What are the certifications for your products?

A:We have ISO 9001, SGS, EWC and other certifications.

Q:How long does your delivery time take?

A:In general, our delivery time is within 30-45 days, and may be delayed if the demand is extremely large or special circumstances occur.

Q:Can I go to your factory to visit?

A:Of course, we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory. However, some of the plants are not open to the public.

Q:Does the product have quality inspection before loading?

A:Of course, all our products are strictly tested for quality before packaging, and unqualified products will be destroyed.

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